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When you agree to become an FCC AgExpert Reseller, you’ll represent the bestselling agriculture software in Canada, plus you’ll get great support and incentive. 

There’s no need for you to purchase and stock inventory. We’ll provide you with discount vouchers to pass along to your customers. Simply direct them to FCC Management Software and we’ll look after the rest.

How to increase your earning power

Your commission is based on a combination of the number of units sold and on the tier you have reached. Your tier is based on the amount of products you’ve sold within the fiscal year.

You’ll be paid by cheque at the end of each quarter for all commissions you’ve earned.

Product Sales Commission
1-7 products* Tier 1
8+ products* Tier 2

*Does not include Care Plans

Calculating your commission

The table below shows your earning potential as a future FCC AgExpert Reseller. 

Product Retail Customer Purchase Reseller Margin
Tier 1
Reseller Margin
Tier 2
Reseller Margin
AgExpert Analyst $499 $474 $118.50 $142.20  
Field Manager PRO $499 $474 $118.50 $142.20  
Field Manager PRO 360
(with FM PRO)
$699 $674 $100 $135  
Competitive upgrade

$399.20 $60 $80  
Field Manager PRO 360
(without FM PRO)
$1,199 $1,174 $218.50 $242.50  
Basic plan $239 $239     $20
Essential plan $269 $269     $30
Premium plan $319 $319     $30