Get the details you need to make your best business decision.

Analyze your data. Plan your strategy. Track your performance.

AgExpert Field Dashboard

Measure performance

See how you're performing from year-to-year, crop-to-crop, or even field-to-field. AgExpert Field lets you compare what strategies and inputs deliver results. When you have the right information, you can make your best business decision.

Share information

Agriculture isn't a one-person job. AgExpert Field Basic lets you share key information with up to five people. Choose the partners, employees and consultants who help you build your operation. When your whole team knows what they need to know, you'll take your farm performance to new levels.


Enter and access your records any time from any device. Download the AgExpert Field app today.

Ag Data Transparent

AgExpert is the first Canadian software to be certified Ag Data Transparent. Your data is protected to the highest standards.

Easy upgrades

If you move up from Basic to Premium, all your data moves with you - securely.


“Keeping track of fields, costs, inventory and planning for next year. I like that I can access this on any device. I’m usually not at the computer when I get asked how much fertilizer did I put on or what did we seed there last year.”
Basic Field user
“Gives me detailed reports of my seeded crops, and also detailed reports on all my different fields.”
Premium Field user
“Allows me to keep track of field records that I need for food safety and traceability.”
Premium Field user



Get the features you need to get started on farm management.

AgExpert Field Standard Features

Information sharing (up to five)

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AgExpert Field Standard Features

Information sharing (unlimited)

Crop insurance reports

Profitability reporting

Crop planning

John Deere Operations Center integration

McCain Foods integration

Input usage reports

Sustainability reports

Migration of previous records from Field Manager PRO

Multiple imagery providers

Individualized product support

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Get AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting for one low price.
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All Premium features of AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting

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Standard features

Map your fields

Use the interactive map of your farm to set up each field.

Cost of production

Track production costs of your crops to make your best business decisions.

Record activities

Record standard activities like planting, spraying, irrigation, equipment maintenance, harvesting and pest control.

Manage inventory

Track inventory and contracts.

Storage locations

Manage storage locations including treatment.

Planning tool

Plan your crop rotation each year.