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Software to help manage your farm

Update in the field, and quickly compare crop scenarios. Look at field history from past years to help you make great business decisions for your agricultural operation.

One stop solution

Field Management software provides a one stop solution to help you manage your crop production. It's easy to use and keeps all the records you need to get the job done.

Update in the field

Turn your wireless device into a field and crop management tool, letting you choose where and when to manage your farm data, with FM PRO Mobile (App Store, Google Play).



Desktop application

Field Manager Standard Features

Includes one-year of support

Continuous updates available with Customer Care Plan

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Desktop application with GIS
$699 for current customers

Field Manager Standard Features

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping functionality

View and edit layered maps of current and historical data

Includes one-year of support

Continuous updates available with Customer Care Plan

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Standard features

Analyze crop plans and run projections

Enter costs to estimate projected yield and commodity prices. Create multiple farm plans and plant based on your most profitable scenario.

Add operations and observations

Enter operations like planting, fertilizing, manure and more. Input multiple entries at once from the same window.

Manage crop rotation

Monitor yields by field to measure and improve crop performance and manage herbicide use. A big help when you need to generate crop insurance reports.

Track inventory and trace IP crops

Keep accurate inventory of the individual crop amounts you have on hand. And, IP products can add value to Canadian products sold worldwide.

Create reports

Generate record-keeping and analysis reports and get a clear picture of your field production history.


All Field Manager software comes with one year of product updates and support.