Perfect for all types of producers

It's easier to run your operation when you have the right tools. With AgExpert Analyst desktop accounting application, you can manage your finances hassle free.

Say goodbye to lost receipts

Use AgExpert Mobile (App Store, Google Play) with AgExpert Analyst and record transactions as they happen. Sync information with AgExpert Analyst, anytime. No more lost receipts and less paperwork at the end of the month.

Find answers 24/7

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Desktop Application

AgExpert Analyst Standard Features

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Continuous updates available with your annual subscription

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Standard Features

Set up quickly

Easy to follow data setup will get you up and running fast.

Process GST and returns

Calculate sales tax, print returns and post it to the correct account.

Simplify year-end

Create a file for your accountant and one for yourself to make adjustments.

Generate reports

Run over 35 reports including AgriStability, income and expenses, financial ratios and more.

Get farm specific

Choose from presets for any agriculture commodity and track income and expenses by farm enterprise.

Manage your payroll

Use the basics or automate to calculate all Revenue Canada source deductions.