Designed for Canadian farm businesses just like yours

Enter your data. Create income and expense reports. Submit GST/HST returns. Get accounting software designed for Canadian farm businesses just like yours.

GST and HST-friendly

Paying taxes isn’t fun, so it may as well be easy. Use AgExpert Accounting to enter your financial details, then submit your GST/HST returns in just one click.

Income and expense reports

Canadian farm businesses run on hard work – and cash flow. AgExpert Accounting income and expense reports keep you updated with an accurate financial picture.


Enter and access your records any time from any device.

Ag Data Transparent

AgExpert is the first Canadian software to be certified Ag Data Transparent. Your data is protected to the highest standards.

Easy upgrades

If you move up from Basic to Premium, all your data moves with you - securely.


"I don’t have to stay at home to do my entering and others can help. Love that even my accountant can access my files.”
Premium Accounting user
“Provides excellent planning features and helps us keep on top of the financial side of the operation.”
Premium Accounting user
“It makes keeping up with my financial data very easy. And since it is geared toward agriculture it was very simple to get setup and going.”
Premium Accounting user



Get the features you need to start managing your books.

AgExpert Accounting Standard Features

Get started with AgExpert Basic


Get unlimited product support, Netfile GST/HST, and create invoices and statements.
per year

AgExpert Accounting Standard Features

Netfile GST/HST


AgriStability Worksheets

Cash Flow


Up to five sets of books

Inventory management

Invoices and statements

Transaction templates and attachments

Data sharing with anyone you choose

Migration of previous data from AgExpert Analyst

Individualized product support

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Get AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting for one low price.
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All Premium features of AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting

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Standard features

Automatic back up

Back up data automatically and securely.


Reports: balance sheet, income and expense, general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, trial balance, net worth and transaction statement.

Record transactions

Record transactions like income, expenses, loan payments and capital asset purchases.

Capital asset

Track your capital assets and see how and where you're spending your money.

Bank reconciliation

Keep your books accurate, and ensure that your bank statement matches your records in AgExpert Accounting.

Processing tax returns

File GST/HST/QST returns.